Restricted insurers

Restricted insurers provide cover to members of a specific industry or group. In some cases, family members are also eligible.

The list below has a brief explanation of who is eligible. Click on the insurer name for more details.

Insurer Restriction
ACA Health Benefits Fund Seventh-Day Adventist Church employees, Local Church Officers and their families.
CBHS Health Fund Limited current and past employees of Commonwealth Bank Group, franchisees, contractors, and their families.
Defence Health Limited current or former members of the ADF and the Defence community and their families.
Doctors' Health Fund Medical and allied health professionals, their families, medical students and AMA employees.
Navy Health Ltd Cover for the ADF community - serving, ex-serving ADF, employees of contractors to ADF and families.
Police Health Members of Australia’s police & emergency services community, and their families.
Reserve Bank Health Society Ltd Current & former employees of the Reserve Bank.
Teachers Health education union members and their families
TUH Health Fund current or former union members and their families.