Defence Health Limited (AHB)

At Defence Health our members are just like family.

More than 249,000 Australians, all with connections to Defence, have joined our family. And if you decide to join us, you’ll discover why they stay.

Like any good family, we support each other through good times and bad, and always take the time to listen.

To us, family is the most important thing. That’s why we are not-for-profit and all for the benefit of our members. That’s why we’ll defend your right to the very best cover and protection.

If you want great value health insurance from an insurer that cares about your wellbeing and always provides excellent service, you’re in the right place.

If you have any questions we’re just a phone call away. We’re always here to help because that’s what family is for.

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Defence Health Limited provide further information regarding:

Agreement Hospitals

This fund has agreements with some private hospitals or day surgeries to provide services at low or no out-of-pocket costs. You can see Agreement Hospitals for this insurer and further details are available from the insurer.

Business Structure

This insurer is a mutual organisation that operates on a not-for-profit basis.

Defence Health Limited operates in all states and territories.

Membership restrictions

Can you join the family? The Defence community is a far-reaching group. At its core are ADF members (permanent, and Reservists serving 20 or more training days in a financial year) and their partners and their children. There are others in the Defence community whose contributions to the security of the nation are less obvious. If you have one of the following Defence connections you are also eligible to join our family. Past service - If you have previously served in the ADF (permanent or Reserve). ADF supporters - If you currently work or have worked in the Department of Defence and other Defence-related departments; or for a Defence supplier – a company or agency contracted to the Department of Defence, where you are or were involved in the supply of goods and services to Defence. Extended families of all above - If you’re the mum or dad, son or daughter, sister or brother, grandchild or partner/ex-spouse of a serving or ex-serving ADF member or of an ADF supporter.


This table compares this health insurer's performance on a range of factors. Some of this information has previously been published in the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman's State of the Health Funds report, available from the Ombudsman's website ( Please note information is not provided for some insurers in some states, as there are insufficient numbers reported for states in which the insurer does not have a large membership.

Ombudsman complaints compared to market share
All complaints 1.5% 2% market share
Investigated complaints 2.2%
Health Insurer Retention and Finances Industry result
Member retention (hospital cover) 91.0% 86.5%
Benefits as % of contributions 76.4% 81.1%
Management expenses % of contribution income 12.0% 10.8%
Management expenses per average policy $552 $413
Coverage ACT NSW VIC QLD SA WA TAS NT Australia
Hospital Related Charges Covered 83.6% 88.5% 91.3% 88.9% 91.6% 90.0% 92.1% 88.6% 89.6%
Industry Result 81.8% 88.7% 90.5% 88.9% 92.6% 92.4% 92.4% 88.6% 89.9%
Medical Services with No Gaps 79.3% 89.6% 89.8% 91.2% 88.4% 88.8% 92.0% 89.5% 89.7%
Industry Result 75.6% 89.3% 87.3% 87.8% 89.0% 88.9% 91.2% 86.7% 88.3%
Medical Services with No or Known Gaps 92.6% 96.9% 98.5% 98.0% 99.3% 98.1% 98.9% 96.1% 97.8%
Industry Result 91.2% 96.4% 97.8% 96.8% 99.3% 98.0% 98.8% 95.9% 97.2%
General Treatment (extras) Covered 37.4% 39.1% 42.3% 42.0% 46.4% 42.5% 40.1% 43.3% 41.7%
Industry Result 46.4% 48.4% 50.5% 51.4% 55.2% 55.9% 51.8% 57.7% 51.1%
Private Hospital Agreements 5 91 67 50 20 21 2 1 -
Industry Maximum 8 98 72 58 24 24 8 2 -
Day Hospital Agreements 8 90 70 47 24 20 6 2 -
Industry Maximum 9 104 79 54 30 29 9 2 -
PO Box 7518
VIC 3004