Who is covered?

There are six categories of membership that provide cover for individuals and different family groupings:

Number of people coveredUsually listed as
1 adultSingle
2 adultsCouple
2 adults and dependant(s) - includes child/student dependantsFamily
1 adult and dependant(s) - includes child/student dependantsSingle parent family
1 adult and any dependant(s) - includes child/student/young adult dependantsSingle parent extension
2 adults and any dependant(s) - includes child/student/young adult dependantsFamily extension
Dependants only (no adults)Children only

Some funds may require people to be related by birth or in a relationship to be covered under the same policy.

A dependant is an unmarried person under the age of 18 years. 

A health fund may choose to consider a person between the ages of 18 and under 25 years as a dependant, but will usually require certain conditions to be met for their cover to continue without a change in premiums - for example, the person may have to be a full-time student.

If the person does not qualify as a child or a student, then the fund may still choose to continue their cover as a young adult dependant, in exchange for a higher premium.

These conditions vary between health funds, so check with your fund to see which rules apply to you. See the List of Funds for a list of all the registered health funds in Australia and their contact details.

Health funds may offer cover for some or all categories of membership in one or more states - they do not have to offer cover for all categories. See How health funds work for further information.