Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immunotherapy for cancer - MBS item (15715)

The following MBS item is included in this clinical category.

Radiation oncology treatment verification of planar or volumetric IGRT for IMRT, involving the use of at least 2 planar image views or projections or 1 volumetric image set to facilitate a 3-dimensional adjustment to radiation treatment field positioning, if: (a) the treatment technique is classified as imrt; and (b) the margins applied to volumes (clinical target volume or planning target volume) are tailored or reduced to minimise treatment related exposure of healthy or normal tissues; and (c) the decisions made using acquired images are based on action algorithms and are given effect immediately prior to or during treatment delivery by qualified and trained staff considering complex competing factors and using software driven modelling programs; and (d) the radiation treatment field positioning requires accuracy levels of less than 5mm (curative cases) or up to 10mm (palliative cases) to ensure accurate dose delivery to the target; and (e) the image decisions and actions are documented in the patient s record; and (f) the radiation oncologist is responsible for supervising the process, including specifying the type and frequency of imaging, tolerance and action levels to be incorporated in the process, reviewing the trend analysis and any reports and relevant images during the treatment course and specifying action protocols as required; and (g) when treatment adjustments are inadequate to satisfy treatment protocol requirements, replanning is required; and(h) the imaging infrastructure (hardware and software) is linked to the treatment unit and networked to an image database, enabling both on line and off line reviews.

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