Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immunotherapy for cancer - MBS item (15565)

The following MBS item is included in this clinical category.

Preparation of an IMRT DOSIMETRY PLAN, which uses one or more CT image volume datasets, if: (a)in preparing the IMRT dosimetry plan: (i)the differential between target dose and normal tissue dose is maximised, based on a review and assessmentby a radiation oncologist; and (ii)all gross tumour targets, clinical targets, planning targets and organs at risk are rendered as volumes as defined in the prescription; and (iii)organs at risk are nominated as planning dose goals or constraints and the prescription specifies the organs at risk as dose goals or constraints; and (iv)dose calculations and dose volume histograms are generated in an inverse planned process, using a specialised calculation algorithm, with prescription and plan details approved and recorded in the plan; and (v)a CT image volume dataset is used for the relevant region to be planned and treated; and (vi)the CT images are suitable for the generation of quality digitally reconstructed radiographic images; and (b) the final IMRT dosimetry plan is validated by the radiation therapist and the medical physicist, using robust quality assurance processes that include: (i)determination of the accuracy of the dose fluence delivered by the multi-leaf collimator and gantryposition (static or dynamic); and (ii)ensuring that the plan is deliverable, data transfer is acceptable and validation checks are completed on a linear accelerator; and (iii)validating the accuracy of the derived IMRT dosimetry plan; and (c)the final IMRT dosimetry plan is approved by the radiation oncologist prior to delivery.

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